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Shan is a woman in her fifties that was born with one leg two inches shorter than the other leg and her foot turned inward. She had chronic sciatic nerve pain and upper back pain most of her life. Due to limited income she attended a Chiropractor only twice a month which provided some relief. After using the bed for three months her chiropractor exclaimed "Shan your upper back is straight (and she had no pain). Shan had no sciatic nerve pain. When a snow storm kept her from using the bed for two weeks her upper and lower pain came back but after three times on the bed the pain was gone. She maintains a pain free life by using the bed three times a week.

55F, Nicole Monford: I was advised for Spine operation due to nerves suppression at cervical 4-5 points. I was scared with the operation and decided to try Nuga bed. It is a miracle to feel the relief in just 7 days and therapy is very simple and very easy to use. Million thanks to NUGA BEST.

40M, David Richard: 3 rd day at Nuga bed use, I feel incredibly relief in my back pain and leg pain. I was miserably suffering from pain while walking even for a 5min. Now within 10 days of Nuga bed use, 80% of pain gone. I congratulate Nuga team. Thanks.

61F, Sasha Grine: is good in Spinal cord, previously I could not work properly whole day. Pain was there in Spinal Cord. After few days use of Nuga bed I can work continually 3 to 4 hrs and feel freshness whole day.

Tashia was a 17 year old unmarried mother, with her child in foster care, going through a drug rehab program. After using the bed for a period of time she arrived at the center with 3/8 inch blisters all over her body. The blister would appear for about two days and then dissipate to be replaced by more. During her weekly drug test her urine was a bright orange. Both the blisters and colored urine were signs of detoxification and the effects of moxibustion.

Joshua is a man that had a stroke five years before he used the thermal massage bed. He could only walk with a cane in his right hand and someone on the left side to keep him from falling. For five years he could not move his left arm more than five inches from his body. After one week he lifted his arm to shoulder height, after two weeks he lifted his arm straight up and on the third week he threw away his cane. He still had pain on the left side of his head but continual use of the infrared projector lessened the pain as the arteries and veins became more elastic.

Vio is a man that had a stroke four years before using the thermal massage bed. For four years he was unable to move his left had from his side and the hand was frozen into a claw. After the first day Vio had movement in his hand and arm. The second day he was able to reach with his left hand to the right side and pull on his jacket. After two weeks he was able to lift his left leg with movement in his ankle and he was able to walk small distances without his cane. His friend went to Vio's house and saw that Vio was crying. "Why are you crying?" asked his friend. "Because I have hope!"

We had a woman come in that had a stroke two years earlier. She used a crutch and for the first two days had to be help onto and off the thermal massage bed. On the third day she told her son, who was assisting her, "Leave me alone, I can get off the bed myself". After six weeks she was able to dress herself, walk up and down stairs, and make her own bed; things she had be unable to do for two years.

Jennifer, a 7 year old, was taking medicine for asthma six times a day. She was not allowed to play at home or school. At school she would have to sit inside and read. At home she would watch TV. Her mother said she was getting fat because of the lack of exercise and her habit of eating while reading and watching TV. After the third time using the bed (and falling asleep each time) Jennifer played without an asthma attack. The next day she had a small attack. Her mother cut the medicine from six times a day to two times a day. In two months of daily use of the thermal massage bed Jennifer was a ball of fire saying "I am going to play soccer." When she first came to the center she was depressed and withdrawn. The bed has changed her life.

50M, George Grusin: Suffering from pain in the lower back, moderate to severe in intensity on standing, walking, bending. I took lot of Ayurvedic and Allopathic medicines advised by various doctors but no relief. Finally I tried nuga therapy bed for one week and it was very effective and pain relief. I have used this bed for more than a month. Now I feel completely relieved from pain as well as lot of improvement in Asthma and Acidity. I am thankful to Nuga best.

Bells Palsy
Flor is a six year old girl. The day her doctor diagnosed her condition as Bells Palsy her parents brought her to the center. Bells Palsy is a condition where the 7th cranial nerve, that operates 1000's of facial nerve ending, has a virus that inflames the nerve not allowing the electrical signals to pass to the facial nerve endings. There is no medicine and no operation for the condition. It takes eight weeks to a year for the virus to dissipate but even after that period of time there may still be a portion of paralysis. One side of the face droops and in Flor's case the eyelid would close when she fell asleep. Using the infrared projector on her face and neck, while she received the massage, six days a week, the palsy symptoms disappeared in three weeks and have not returned. She was depressed and withdrawn in the beginning but now is happily playing with a toothless grin.

A two year old girl that had chronic constipation. Nothing the doctor prescribed helped. Her parents brought her to use the thermal massage bed at a center and that night the girl had a bowel movement. They did not come back the next day resulting in no bowel movement. The third day they used the thermal massage bed again and the result was another bowel movement. The forth day they did not use the bed and not bowel movement. The fifth day a bowel movement resulted from using the bed. The doctor called to check on the girl on the third day and he was told that the girl had had a bowel movement. The doctor was glad and told the parents to continue the medicine he had prescribed. The parents told him that they had stopped giving the medicine and she was getting bowel movements when she used the thermal massage bed. "Thermal massage what? Infrared what?" said the doctor. The parents explained to the doctor and continued to use the massage bed.

General aches and pains
Charles was 62 years old when he started using the thermal massage beds. He had tendonitis in both elbows and both thumbs caused by strain when working in a box factory for 16 months. He also had groin pain and back ache from lifting wooded pallets for ten years. By placing the infrared projector on the elbows the pain was gone in six weeks. It took six more weeks for the tendonitis in the thumbs to dissipate. Eight months of application for the groin pain to disappear and by regular treatments he no longer has back pain.

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